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I met the author of the childrens books Buddy the Manatee and starting doing some initial development work on a 3d version of buddy.


Buddy Rig and Swim Test

So I did a quick little animation testing his body weighting. He does some looking around and then I show his swim tail in action.

You can download a higher resolution version from here (wmv)

Buddy Rig

So after getting some ideas from our animator/rigger at work I built a new rig for Buddy.

This one’s center of mass I think turned out more accurate. I added a lot more bones to the rig as well to support facial animation. I also added IK and FK arms and FK and Swiming tails as well.

The swim tail is driven by an expression and can be blended along with the FK tail into buddy’s active pose.


Not sure why his eyes are missing. :)

Buddy The Manatee

My has done work with writer and illustrator Tim Thomas who created Buddy The Manatee children’s books. Buddy has been featured on various signs at local parks as well to help inform visitors about manatees.

He has been looking into doing some kind of animated movie featuring buddy so I decided to try doing some modeling of buddy using JB as a base.