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JB Manatee Poses

Here are some images from his current rigging. I have focused mainly on his head and arms at this point. So for now he can’t swim. He now has FK and IK hands with the ability to blend between them.


Showing some hand movements.

His neck and head have been moved to a more upward motion. The joints there stack so the neck will move first then the head as the necks limit is reached.

This would be more like a pose where he was coming up for air. His mouth is also closed.
A little happy pose, he has a slight head twist he picked up from my dog Leeloo when she is concentrating hard and trying to figure out what you are saying.

JB Manatee Version 2

Buddy the manatee has been put on hold for a while so I decided to go back and improve JB.
Most of the work is in his rigging as I have moved Buddy’s rig over to JB. I modified it slightly to take into account JB’s features and the main differences in his eye structures.

Here are some pictures of JB manatee version 2 with his new skeleton.


You can see here is eye is much more manatee like now. The rig is setup to eventually be able to close it in a similar way to a real manatee.

I fixed the topology issues in his tail that were there in version 1.

Here you can see his skeleton. The little manatee above him there is a reference object that contains some animatable parameters that control his functionality.

Manatee Frogger

The idea for this game was basically based on a frogger style of game. You try to navigate the river dodging boats and other obstacles. The longer you go the higher your score.
There are boats which will hit you and then health boxes. Eventually there would be more obstacles.
THe longer you go the higher your score, but the faster the boats get and the more damage they do.

Use the arrows keys to navigate the manatee around avoiding the boats. Hitting the F1 key will toggle camera views.

Manatee Frogger 1

In version two I made the boats be a little more random, but there is a bug where they start at the wrong places sometimes so keep an eye out.
I also added an underwater camera :) Its a little harder to play because your view is more limited, like a manatees under the water.

Use the arrows keys to navigate the manatee around avoiding the boats. Hitting the F1 key will toggle camera views.

Manatee Frogger 2

Crazy Manatee

The idea came from a bar game I saw a long time ago where you tossed a monkey into the air and then timed a button press to make a clown wack it with a club sending it flying across the circus tent.
It would slide bounce and continue on until it ran out of speed or hit something solid. The idea to see how far you could get, with various objects that would help you or hurt you in your distance.

The initial idea was that a manatee being fed up with speeding boats decided to place a ramp trap in the river. He would then trigger it on speeding boats giving them a wild ride down the river.
The rest of the river was then to be made of of various obstacles some helping some not. Right now there are just ramps and docks.

These games were really to try and make something fun as well as explore the physics simulation in Unity. All the boat, ramp and dock collisions are physics based as well as the initial acceleration and following decelerations.

Press space-bar to raise the launch ramp. Its right there at the very beginning. Then just enjoy the ride.

Crazy Manatee 1

In version two I switched it around a little in that the manatee decides to steal a boat and take it for a joy ride. Again the same basic game play applies except in this version you can control the pitch of the boat.

The same space-bar launch button works and the up and down arrow controls the pitch. I had also changed the camera angle so the ramps are not visible anymore, but they are there. :)

Crazy Manatee 2


Buddy Rig and Swim Test

So I did a quick little animation testing his body weighting. He does some looking around and then I show his swim tail in action.

You can download a higher resolution version from here (wmv)